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Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama and Joshua Generation

Obama to parishioners: Keep faith in hard times -
President Barack Obama is mixing lessons from the work of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. with reminders that those pushing for change must take heart and recognize progress when it comes.

The president stood in the pulpit of Washington's Vermont Avenue Baptist Church on Sunday, the eve of the federal holiday marking King's birthday.

Calling King and those who fought for civil rights the "Moses generation," Obama urged his audience - those he called the "Joshua generation" - to "get back to basics" as Americans face the challenges of a new age.

King himself spoke in 1956 at Vermont Avenue Baptist Church, located less than 2 miles north of the White House. Freed slaves founded the church the year after the Civil War.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Artificial Respiration and CPR can Save your Labrador Retriever

Artificial Respiration and CPR can Save your Labrador Retriever

You could be the only one around to save your dog. Learn how to perform artificial respiration and CPR.
You are comfortably sitting in your living room sofa watching your favorite show when all of a sudden, you remember your Labrador Retriever. You forgot to lock his crate after placing his food bowl. You go check him and unfortunately, he is not in his crate. After what seems to be eternity looking for him, you found him, lying unconsciously in the middle of the street. You do not know what exactly happened to him but you know you have to do something to save his life, but what are you going to do? He might need you to administer artificial respiration.

In times like this, it really helps if you have the idea of what you are going to do. Listen to the chest to check the heart activity. Then check the mouth for something that maybe blocking her throat and airway. Gently pull out the tongue and search for obstructions. Clear mucus if there is any but be careful not to get bitten. Gently return your dog's tongue back inside the mouth and close it.

For dogs like Labrador Retriever, seal the mouth by holding the muzzle closed while doing the artificial respiration. Place your mouth over your dog's nose and exhale even, slow breaths. Watch out for chest expansion as you blow. Continue blowing until the dog starts to breath on his own or until you're tired of blowing and somebody could replace you. Artificial respiration should be used to a victim who has a heartbeat. If he doesn't, artificial respiration may not be a big help. CPR is needed.

It is best if cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is done by two persons- one continuing doing the artificial respiration, the other doing the chest compression. For medium to large dogs like a Labrador Retriever, lay him on his side on a flat surface. Stand or kneel with animal's back toward you. Extend arms and place hand on top of the other. Compress the chest over the widest portion of the rib cage, not over the heart. Push down on the rib cage, moving about one to three inches with each compression. If there are two people, the other is doing the breathing while the other performs the compression at a rate of two or three compressions for each breath. If alone, perform five compression for each breath.

It is amazing how these little creatures bring happiness and lifetime friendship and loyalty to their owners. It is important for dog owners to learn this process to save their dog's life and continue the friendship that could last for years.

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Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever

BLACK (Aug 2006-11 July 2009) in peace....we missed you

The Daily Puppy | User Edit
BLACK (Aug 2006-11 July 2009) in peace....we missed you

My labrador's name is Black. He is very good dog. He is dead now. I am crying, mourning for him, I can't believe he is dead today, 08.55 am in July 2009. H e will be 3 year-old in August. I still can't believe he is not with us anymore. I love him so much. He is such a good companion. I came home last night, and he still welcomed me. And this morning, he looked so sick and we called Vet. He checked my beloved lab and the Vet said, he got heart attack and dying on his hand. We are all crying. I am so devastated. I can't express it. I keep crying...I don't know what to say more...I will never see him..we are going to bury him now...BLACK....I love you...I will never see you anymore...Rest in Peace (August 2006-11 July 2009)..I missed you....