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Sunday, September 27, 2009

War Widows in Australia are much luckier than those of here

War widow wins housing reprieve | Top stories |
Under present compensation arrangements, partners of soldiers killed in action are entitled to an initial lump sum payment of about $122,000.

They can then choose either to be paid a further one-off payment of about $507,000 or receive an indexed pension of about $335 a week.

The pension is uncapped and not taxed.

Dependants receive about $73,000 as a lump sum, an $81-a-week payment while they are dependants and education support.

Widows and dependants also receive a gold card, which entitles the holder to departmental funding for all healthcare services.

The Government expects to receive a report from a review of the compensation arrangements early next year, a deadline the opposition says should be brought forward.