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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Samsung Warranty and customer right

I bought Samsung mobile phone SGH i-780  Rp 3,4 million (USD 380) and it's broken. The mobile system is based on the Windows 6.1 support. Yesterday I went to a sales after service in my city. I think the mobile's been broken for long time. Sometimes I couldnt receive call and the mobile hang. Besides, when I tried to write in note program using stylus pen, it didnt work well. I had to press the pen hard which is inconvenient. Few times I went to the service center and  the technician always recommended me to reinstall the windows mobile software.  She said that the process would take one hour. However I didnt have that much time. So nothing was done with the damage.
I rarely used the mobile because I have BB and other mobile. Actually, I regretted buying the mobile. When I bought it, I hadn't  got BB (it was purchased in Oct 2010). 
So, when I had time yesterday,  I just visit the center again. I came at 3 pm.  As the technician recommended,  the software of Windows mobile needed to be reinstalled. She asked me to wait for half hour. I thought it's not long. However 30 minutes passed, the reparation was more than that. At 5 pm, my name was called.  I came forward to the counter and shockingly, it was not good news. It couldnt be fixed. The technician told me that my mobile would be kept in the center because it couldnt be fixed. OMG, I had waited for two hours and it was not done. I felt being fooled.  I had wasted time. I didnt realize that I had spent two hours waiting. I killed time  by reading magazines and doing foot massaging which is provided on the waiting lounge. Therefore, I was too occupied by the little indulgence.
Because it is still in the warranty period and I havent done anything to my mobile. I mean, I never did modification with the mobile so its condition  was almost still the same as I bought for the first time. It looks still new.  Anyway, the technician explained that the damage is severe so it couldnt be fixed. She said that Samsung would give refund because it cant provide the same model.  She asked me to come again the next day which is today. I needed to fill the refund form and bring the receipt with account number. So, today afternoon I was there and filled the form. However, the customer service who served me said that the process refund would take at least for 2 weeks . And i was just left with that option. I think what Samsung offered to me as a customer, is not good solution. Th erefund should be given directly at that time. Or, if it couldnt be done , Samsung should give a temporary replacement mobile to be used until the refund process done.  I am not happy with the solution. Howerver what Samsung did to me, even it would be categorized unfair by, for example, Australian standard,still much better comparing to others. Customers are usually being ripped-off. I am disappointed, but I had to let it go.  Otherwise this thing would add more to my stress.  Luckily, I still have other mobile, so I just use it. Now I am waiting for the refund which will take 2 week process to be cashed out. It's odd process. Why need two weeks, however in other country such as Australia, the refund would be given  straight away. Anyway, this is Indonesia, so I have to give an excuse :(.
Although Samsung is international company, it doesnt have the standard as providen in developed country. I think, one of the reasons most people here as customers being "abused", is  people here tend not to speak out. So, I encourage you to be aware of your right as customers. Dont be fooled by the capitalists!.

Btw, I am's 9.46 pm..I just ended my post here. Good night everyone :)

Here is the broken SGH i-780 I mentioned in this post.
This pic was taken using BB. Not good pic though.