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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I just got back from an Ear-Nose-Throat doctor. My left ear has been
painful on and off since 13 January. Therefore, I decided to go to
see doctor this morning. And the result, as doctor said, nothing
happens to my ear. He said, my left ear is fine. He said that the pain
maybe from other resources because the nerves between ear, nose and
throat are conjugated with brain. He just gave me some painkillers
Ultracet (Jansen-Cilag) and Nutriflam. I asked him what kind of
medicine he prescribed for me. "Is that parasetamol," I asked. "No, it
is not. It is herbal," the doctor answered.
What an explanation! When I checked to the chemist, the prescribed
medicine contains parasetamoI and tramadol HCl. I think he is just
creepy. He is not professional although he has a degree for his
expertise. Also he has bad manner. He came late and didn't say
anything for that. Meanwhile there are 4 patient waiting for 45
minutes- 1,5 hour. Then, during consultations, his mobile rang and he
just picked up his phone and talked loudly. I was so surprised to
see the doctor manner.