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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Note about Amy Winehouse

Remarkable how when it's someone unknown drugs are a crime and when they're famous it's an illness. We all understand that once people are in the grip of addiciton they can't help themselves but that does not, will not and never has altered the fact that they CHOOSE to take that first hit. Armed with the facts, they make a conscious decision to put their foot on that road. Because you like Amy Winehouse's music doesn't mean that everyone's to blame for her addiction but her. Her death is distressing and sad but lets be honest, she (and she alone) made some terrible lifestyle choices that brought her to this untimely end. I feel so sorry for her family who had to watch helplessly as she slowly killed herself and who now have to live without their beloved Amy. I hope everyone allows them the dignity of grieving in peace.

Amy Winehouse spent £130k sending friend Alex Foden to rehab | Mail Online