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Saturday, July 18, 2009

SBY's Speech on the Jakarta Bombings Full Text

SBY's Speech on the Jakarta Bombings: Full Text

A full translation of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's speech to the nation on the Jakarta bomb attacks, delivered at the Presidential Palace on Friday afternoon:

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Greetings to everyone,

My fellow countrymen and women, to all Indonesians that I love, wherever you are. Today is a black dot in our history [as a nation]. Once again, there has been an attack or a bombing committed by terrorists in Jakarta. It is suspected to have been committed by a group of terrorists, although it may not necessarily be the same terrorism network that we have realized cause nothing but sufferings and troubles that all Indonesians have had to bear.

This barbaric act has brought about innocent casualties as well. Therefore, on this opportunity, on behalf of the country and the government, and as a person, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims. To all the victims, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

My fellow countrymen and women, the inhuman and thoughtless bombing occurred just when our nation had held its presidential election and while the General Elections Commission (KPU) is still tallying the votes. It has greatly disrupted the security and peace of the country while people want a safe, peaceful and conducive situation. People want the conclusion of the 2009 General Elections to be the starting point for us to unite and rebuild our country for the sake of all Indonesian people.

The bombing was committed when people were still concerned with political brouhaha at the elite level, also — as I have been noticing everyday — with provocative remarks that maintain heated and hostile circumstances, which is not the aspiration of the people who fulfilled their political duties a few weeks ago.

My fellow countrymen and women, I believe almost all of us feel sympathy and sadness, and cry inside, as I do now. Indeed, there are few people who are laughing and screaming in delight, satisfying their maddening anger. These few people, heartless and careless for the destruction of our country from terrorism, do not care about the vast implications of their brutality toward our economy, business climate, tourism, image in the world and many other factors.

Presently, my brothers and sisters, beside us, the government is performing emergency response measures to treat the victims of the bombing. An investigation is on the way as well. I have received a preliminary report of the ongoing investigation. After I read the report, I instructed the Chief of Police, the National Intelligence Agency and other related state institutions to conduct a proper and thorough investigation and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

I believe, as we have discovered before, that the perpetrators and the people who masterminded this terror will be apprehended and we will prosecute them under the law. I have instructed law enforcers to prosecute anyone involved. Whoever he or she is, from whatever political rank and background.

This morning, I have received many statements, or reminders, that made me theorize, or at least be concerned, that this terrorism is related to the result of the presidential election. I would respond like this — that we should not point our fingers, or blame someone without proof. All theories and speculations must be proven in court. Our country is a lawful country, as well as a democratic one. Therefore, the norms of law and democracy must be enacted properly. If someone is guilty under the law, then we could say that the person is guilty.

I must say for the first time to all Indonesians that during the series of legislative and presidential elections in 2009, there were several intelligence reports that were gathered by law enforcers. Once again, this information has never been made public. The report showed a group of terrorists had practiced shooting at my picture, SBY's picture, as a target. Let me show you.

This is a video recording of them practicing shooting. Two men are shooting with handguns. This is the target. And this is my picture, and they are aiming approximately at my face. This is the intelligence report, with video tape and pictures. It is not a slander, nor an issue. I received the report several moments ago. It is still related to the intelligence that acknowledged there is a plan to commit violence or actions against the law in relation to the election result.

There was also a plan to occupy the office of the General Elections Commission when the result is to announced. There was a statement that there would be a revolution if SBY wins. This is an intelligence report, not rumors, nor gossip. Other statements said they wished to turn Indonesia into [a country like] Iran. And the last statement said that no matter what, SBY should not and would not be inaugurated. You can interpret such threats, and the tens of other intelligence reports that are currently in the hands of our law enforcers.

This morning, just like I used to do, I wanted to come personally to the location [of the attack]. But the Chief of Police and others suggested I should wait, since the area was not yet secure. And danger could come at any time, especially with all of the threats I have shown you. Physical threats.

Surely, life and death is in God's hands. I should not worry and be restrained in doing my duty to the people, to this country. Since presidential security is borne by the Indonesian Armed Forces, I believe the armed forces have taken the precautions needed. To all intelligence reports, whether they are related to the bombing or not, I have instructed to all law enforcers to perform their duties correctly, objectively, decisively and lawfully.

If the threats are not related to today's bombing, they still need to be prevented, because anarchy, violence, vandalism and all other crimes are not the characteristics of a democratic and lawful country, obviously. For all of this, I, as the president, condemn the brutal act of terrorism. I also feel very sorry about the incident. Perhaps, or usually, during times like this, many of us are afraid to express our scorns or condemnations due to political considerations. On the other hand, I must say it loud and clear, as my mandate as the president.

Why do I have to feel very sorry? First of all, you all know that for the last five years, our economy has been growing rapidly. Business, tourism, food self-sufficiency, investment, trade, real sectors, have all been moving favorably regardless of the global crisis. Secondly, during the last week alone, our stock exchange index were improving drastically and our Rupiah was strengthening [against US dollar] as well. With the growing economy, the welfare of our people was developing also, including the execution of poverty and unemployment eradication programs, which I usually mention as the Pro-People Program.

All that has happened, my beloved brothers and sisters of Indonesia, is because in the last couple of years, our country has been truly safe and peaceful. In addition to the economic growth, our people throughout the country can work and live their lives in peace, free from fear. Meanwhile, the reputation of our country in the world is increasing as the world sees our country to be more safe, organized and peaceful. Our country has a blooming democracy and improved human rights implementation, a developing country that plays its role globally. Even, and this is a sad part, if the bombing did not occur, a legendary football club, Manchester United, would have played in Jakarta.

My fellow countrymen and women, with all of these brutal and thoughtless acts of terrorism, what we have built in the last five years with the labor and sweat of all Indonesians, once again must endure another shake and setback. Implications, once again, must be borne by all Indonesians, minus the bombers.

Therefore, truth and justice will be served. I swear, for the sake of my beloved Indonesians, that the government will execute proper and decisive punishments to the bombers, including the mastermind and organizers, and for other crimes that might or could happen on our country nowadays.

To the Indonesian Police Force, Indonesian Armed Forces and National Intelligence Agency, also the governors, district chiefs and mayors, I would like to ask you to remain on high-alert status and strive to prevent terrorism. More importantly, the law enforcers must truly seek, capture and prosecute the perpetrators, organizers, and masterminds behind this violence. Maybe some of them have committed crimes, assassination or murders and gotten away with these crimes, but this time we will not let them become Draculas and death-mongers in our country.

I realize that for the last five years, police have frequently prevented and stopped terrorism actions. Confiscating explosive materials, uncovering several terrorism networks, even though today's bombing has happened, a disaster that has torn the security and reputation of our country and nation. To prevent and exterminate terrorism, and other crimes properly, the intelligence [agency] must be very sharp. Prevention must be very effective. The police, the intelligence agency, the armed forces must unite in a complete synergy. Negligence and ignorance must be discarded. This is our mandate given by the people, for our country.

To all Indonesians, as you increase public alertness, stay at your work and live your lives normally. If something suspicious happens, call the police. Don't let terrorists and their masterminds lurk in your neighborhood. You can fall prey to their actions at any time if they are allowed to mastermind further terror in our country.

For the future, I encourage all Indonesians and all elements of the nation to unite and stand together in protecting the safety and peace of this country. No country and no religion condones terrorism, whatever the motives and reasons are. Don't hesitate, nor be afraid, in preventing and exterminating terrorism. Meanwhile, the terror we had today should never break our spirit and endeavor to build and to advance our country.

We must keep on fighting to better our economy, politics, democracy, human rights implementation, law enforcement, regional development, people's welfare and so on. The fact is that there is a major catastrophe due to today's act of terrorism. But we will make it right together, and we shall rise and move forward again. We, the nation, the country and the people, shall not falter nor cave in to terrorism. No violence, extremism, and other crimes shall continue to live on this country.

God Almighty, Allah SWT, shall protect and save our lives. With God's blessings, I assure you, my brothers and sisters of Indonesia, that I shall stand right up front to face the clear and present danger and to carry out the hard, yet noble, mandate you have given to me.

Thank you,