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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Are vitamins important? Yes, they are definitely very important for my health. I don't remember exactly when I start using vitamins and food supplements regularly. But I have used vitamins since I was kid. I remember when I was in elementary school and junior high school, my mom supplied me a vitamin called Vidoran. However I stopped taking this when I graduated. Actually I didn't stop completely, I still used vitamins on and off.
Then I have started using vitamins and other food supplements when I was in university. But it was again on and off. Due to skin blemishes i got during my teens and colleges, I took zinc, vitamin c, and vitamin E. Again, during the course I didnt take the vitamins regularly.
However, after graduating from university, I started consuming pills more often than before. Even I have become a regular consumer for some products. Some of my Aussie friends said that I am addicted of food supplements. No, I am not addicted of them. I use them onlyb for health reasons, no more no less. Since I was born I was only be hospitalized when I was in elementary school. I never have had serious illness. I think this happens due to my health regimes. I seldom eat outside and I take vitamins regularly.
Many of my friends think my looks hasn't changed much since I graduated from university. I have many interesting stories about this. One happened in Australia last year. It was so funny when I was in Melbourne, attending a free event in Federation Square, a guy who was happening to perform, grabbed my hands and asking me to help him doing his performance. He was seeking a teenager and he was assuming me a teenager. I still remember that guy lol. Was amusing though he he he.
It's been 5 years I have taken vitamins and other supplements every single day. And, I feel, it has benefited me a lot. So, what vitamins and supllements I have used? Here are some of them. I have been a fan of them because it makes me feel good despite having so many problems :)
I have been a huge fan of Ester C. I have used it for 5 years. However when I was in Australia, I stopped using it because it was expensive. I used vitamins with local brands such as Blackmores, Herron, Natures Own, Swisse,Cenovis, Bioglan, etc. I am not kind of a customer only using one brand. So , I have used many brands. I would stock vitamins when they were discounted.