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Monday, June 21, 2010

Telkomsel has a manipulative policy causing consumer rights abused.

I subscribed for BB service using Telkomsel because I can't access the BBS via matrix due to the unpaid bill. So I used the BBS from Telkomsel for a week. But, today (21/6) that bill has been paid, so I get back to the BBS via Matrix. Then I unsubscribed for the BBS Telkomsel on Monday, 21 June 2010 at 15.00. But , what happened? This company still charged me. Really, this greedy company doesn't have an ethic in business. I unsubscribed the BBS using *303# and I had to pay for doing this. This company doesn't have a shame! You know what, at 11 pm I got sms saying "Congratulations, your subscription has been extended" Meanwhile I have unsubscribed since afternoon and this greedy Telkomsel is still taking my money from the phone credit. Telkomsel is really manipulating its customers by making hard the way to unsubscribe. The method is confusing and this greedy company doing that purpose because when you unsubscribe from BBS , this company charged you. What a shame! I am not arguing about the fee that telkomsel has taken from me, but where this company ethics and responsibility in respecting and not violating consumer rights? I can't imagine if there are thousands people doing the same thing as I did, how much does Telkomsel got "money" from doing unethical business towards its consumers? For your information, this company is the largest telecommunication provider in Indonesia, but its service doesn't reflect a fair trade and a protection for consumer rights. Greediness has lead this company doing anything even violating customer rights. Anyway, I write this because I have to speak out defending my rights as a customer. I hope Telkomsel committed to obeying the business ethics. You as a giant company must run the business in a good way not cheating the people who use your service. Sent from my BlackBerry® powered by Sinyal Kuat INDOSAT