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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hubungan KomPol Albertus Eko Budiarto dan Sisca Yofie

updating: And now, media said the initial is Kompol A
Sutarno sekaligus mengungkapkan nama lengkap Kompol A, dari yang semula disebut inisialnya. "Namanya Albertus Eko Budiarto, dia lulusan Akabri angkatan 1997," singkat Sutarno.

From this website,
 As I read in that the police name whose Sisca Yofie dated has name initial "E"  (Siapa E, Perwira Polisi Teman Dekat Sisca Yofie I found two names with E initial. They are : Kombes Pol E F  and Kombes Pol  E C R.  I don't know  which of both names involving in the murder of Sisca Yofie? Or none of them involves in that sadistic murder? The truths will speak soon....

Well, this is just a guess......It could be wrong and it could be otherwise....