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Friday, January 09, 2009

Windows 7 Beta

Microsoft's mouseless revolt: new touchscreen system in Windows 7 | News |
MICROSOFT has developed a touchscreen operating system that could signal the end of the computer mouse.

Windows 7, a test version of which will be available from today, is part of Microsoft's attempts to restore its reputation for innovation and to catch up with Apple, whose touch-screen iPhone has been a huge success.

Microsoft says the new version of its software could revolutionise the way we use computers, The Australian reports, paving the way for touch-screen monitors in every home. About a billion people around the world use Windows software.

Users will be able to perform simple tasks such as selecting a folder without using a mouse, and write on the screen with a stylus or finger.

The new Windows system also has a multi-touch feature that will allow more than one person to manipulate objects on the screen simultaneously.