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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When the Neighbor borrows your money

I just moved to new place and after 3 months staying here, the neighbors start to show their attitudes....To make it short, I just want to ask you how will you respond when your neighbor wants to borrow your money? I had this experience last week when a neighbor living 200 meter from my house, asking to borrow money....She kind of forced me by telling sad story and it made me a I lent her and she promised would return it the next day..However she didint keep her promise and she just paid me all the money I lent her yesterday, after 10 days...

And, now another neighbor came to my place and she said she wanted to talk about something. Because I was in hurry, I told her we could talk on Saturday but she said it was too long...and she asked me my number and I just gave it to here....However I smelt that she might have an intention to borrow money...coz I heard she had sort of financial problem...I think I have to be brave to say NO!  What do you think?