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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hubungan KomPol Albertus Eko Budiarto dan Sisca Yofie

updating: And now, media said the initial is Kompol A
Sutarno sekaligus mengungkapkan nama lengkap Kompol A, dari yang semula disebut inisialnya. "Namanya Albertus Eko Budiarto, dia lulusan Akabri angkatan 1997," singkat Sutarno.

From this website,
 As I read in that the police name whose Sisca Yofie dated has name initial "E"  (Siapa E, Perwira Polisi Teman Dekat Sisca Yofie I found two names with E initial. They are : Kombes Pol E F  and Kombes Pol  E C R.  I don't know  which of both names involving in the murder of Sisca Yofie? Or none of them involves in that sadistic murder? The truths will speak soon....

Well, this is just a guess......It could be wrong and it could be otherwise....

Oknum Polda Jabar terlibat dalam pembunuhan Sisca Yofie?

I just read that the murder of Sisca Yofie is still mysterious. However, some facts are revealed confirming that she date a married police with high rank. Many people here believe that that police is the main actor of her murder. It is said that he works in Polda Jabar and now he is disciplined due to the fact he had an affair with the late Sisca. However, the police who investigate the Sisca murder said that that alleged police with high rank does not involve in her murder. So, you know, I dont believe their investigation. I smell something fishy my opinion, the police is trying to bury the truth...the police makes up story to cover up what their boss did to that poor woman...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Who kills Sisca Yofie ?

I am still following the news of Sisca Yofie is confusing...full of mystery...I was wondering whether the main actor in her killing is "that police"? It is said that she dated a married police with high rank....