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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Green Car for lower emissions

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Toyota Auris hybrid
Not only will the Auris hybrid be the smallest hybrid car on the market, it will also be Toyota’s first European hybrid based on a regular production car, and will use the same hybrid technology as Toyota’s latest Prius (the Hybrid Synergy Drive). The alloy wheels are designed to reduce air turbulence in the wheel arches, and the car is fitted with low rolling-resistance car tyres. The engine is able to operate in three modes: ECO for maximum fuel economy, POWER, which uses the electric motor to boost performance, and EV, switching the Auris to electric power alone – for up to 1.25 miles at speeds of to 31mph. Other innovations include solar panels on the roof to help power the ventilation system, while LED lights front and rear reduce energy consumption and improve economy