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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Death calls for an answer | Herald Sun
IT is is too easy to explain the tragedy in which a 15-year-old boy was shot dead in a burst of police bullets as the result of falling in with the wrong crowd.

Again, Tyler Cassidy

I quoted this poem from a blog. Actually what Cassidy and his group did in Australia, we can find in everywhere. I can understand how  he became anti-immigrants. Many people, especially from homogeneous country such as India, will do the same thing as Cassidy did. Once I asked my Indian friends, what will Indians do if there are so many people from eveywhere migrate to her country.  She answered, "we will fight them, we can't accept they will rob our job, our values, our tradition, etc".

I asked such question because she complained that Aussies ('Anglo background) do not like India. For your information, there are so many Indians and Chinese migrate to Australia. I have noticed during my stay here as an International student, these migrants, have better life in Australia comparing their old life in their own hometowns. 

        Australia is our nation
This Land Is our creation
Partying is our occupation
so forget the education
united we stand divided we fall
you can shoot one Aussie
but you cant shoot us all
Aussie pride is on our mind
Australian blood is our kind
so step aside n let us through
Cuz it’s all about the Australian crew!

Australia Is A Land
Originated By Others
WE Respect Those People
Like They Were Our Own Brothers
We Made This Land
What It Is Today
Now Afghans and gooks
Come from everyway

We don’t mind as much
That you are on our land
But when you be racist
Is when us Aussies stand
You make it all out
Like this is your ground
Back the fuck up
cuz that shit gets around

We may have the fists
And u may have some knives
But you can only destroy one
And not all of our lives
So shut the fuck up
Or get the fuck out
cuz this aussie pride
Is wat its all about!!!