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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Used a living will to commit suicide?

Doctors forced to let woman, 26, die | World News |

After finishing reading this story i feel disturbed. The Wooltorton's death should not use a living will to commit suicide.  Ethical I'm not good at philosophy but I like. I'd love to hear people commenting the Wooltorton's death.
A 26-YEAR-OLD woman who drank poison was allowed to die in a British hospital after handing doctors a living will begging them not to save her life.

Kerrie Wooltorton, who was believed to be depressed about her inability to have children, drank antifreeze at her home before calling an ambulance to take her to the Norfolk and Norwich hospital.

However, when she arrived she handed over a letter, or living will, clearly stating she realised what she had done and did not want doctors to save her life.

A recent inquest into her death in September 2007 heard how the doctors had no legal alternative but to let her die because she had signed her living will.

If they had saved her, they risked being charged with assault.