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Monday, December 22, 2008

amnesty for illegal migrants

The Forerunner • View topic - Legal temporary-worker status for illegal immigrants?
Focusing on whether illegals ought to be granted amnesty if they meet certain qualifications is not the issue at all.

The logical question to ask is this: What would happen to the numbers of illegals entering our country each year if housing, education, Social Security, and legal services were not made available to them at all. If the United States would return to a pre-New Deal social order, which would be closer to a biblical social order, "illegal" immigration would not even be an issue.

Scripture states:

"If a man will not work, let him not eat" (2 Thessalonians 3:10 ).

The problem is not illegal immigration. The problem is the New Deal and Great Society programs which have led an entire class of people into financial bondage and dependence on the "Great Savior State" socialist programs that drain the rich and keep the poor poor.

If these programs were shut down, then there would simply be no problem with illegal immigration.

If we allowed immigration rights to hard working people who want to succeed and pursue the American dream, then we would have the strongest economy in the world. But in order to do so, we would first have to know who these people are.

I've always thought it is ridiculous to require a green card and residency status first for people who want to work. All this does is ensure that the socialist programs will continue to threaten the financial security of our future.

I propose allowing people to work in the country for a period of one year before they would be allowed to apply for residency. If they can show that they are able to work for one year with no financial asistance from the government and not violate any laws, then they ought to be given temporary worker status and the opportunity to apply for residency. If they work for two more years without assistance, they ought to be granted permanent resident status. If they continue for three years after that, they should be granted citizenship. But the qualification for that six year period ought to be the ability to support themselves.

I believe that the hardest working people in the country are the immigrants who come here out of a love of freedom and dignity. We ought to welcome as many of these people as possible.

The logical transistion to this sane policy would be to grant amnesty to "illegals" who are otherwise law-abiding and hard working.