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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A note about the curious case of Jimmy Holmes

[I have read a lot about Jimmy case. According to the latest news,Jimmy had sent a notebook to the uni counsellor that he was going to kill some people. He detaild his plan on that notebook which just be collected on Monday. However the book had been already there since 12 of July,as police believed. Just the uni fail to send it to the uni councellor as Jimmy intended to. FYI, the police knew about the package because Jimmy told them. So, this case is going to be more complex than we expect.

It was Jimmy who tipped of the police about his booby-trap apartment. It was also Jimmy who inform the police about the notebook. So, in this case, Jimmy seemed to be a good person. If only the counsellor receive his package, thd tragedy would not happen. (to be continued)
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