Monday, December 29, 2008

Science brings men nearer to God

"Science brings men nearer to God" - Louis Pasteur

"The FOOL hath said in his heart, there is no God".- Psalms 14:1

Atheists, please stop making claims without support or scientific evidence. Also, please stop asking questions which were already answered in this video. EX. "Who created God?" Again, the 1st law confirms energy is eternal. Before the universe began, there must have existed an ORIGINAL, initial, energy source which has ALWAYS existed. This initial, original, energy source IS God. ( GOD IS THE CREATOR WHO IS UNCREATED)

Atheists may say " Well, all of the energy in the universe could have derived itself from multiple energy sources, not just a single one".That maybe true, but it still poses a serious problem. Multiple or single unintelligent energy source(s) would most likely result in chaos and disorder.

(cont) Because they can't regulate their outflow of energy thus, dispersing uncontrolled and violent emissions of energy without organization or order unlike an intelligent energy source (GOD).

Every example of DUMB energy source(s) that we can observe are volatile and destructive by nature and will NEVER create organization . Examples : the sun, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes. Sure tornadoes or hurricanes may APPEAR organized but, they will never CREATE organization.

You can still hope that all of the energy in the universe originated from an unconscious, dumb, energy source or multiple ones, but it defies common sense and reasoning. We can clearly observe complexity, design, and order throughout the universe. The possibility of a single all powerful, intelligent, energy source (God) still remains ( This is more logical).

Atheists may also say " Well, based on the 2nd law of thermodynamics God may eventually disorganize and deteriorate overtime if he is composed of energy". God is composed of energy but not entirely energy. The God I serve is composed of INFINITE INTELLIGENCE as well.

(cont.) He can certainly be intelligent enough to break the boundaries of the 2nd law and find a way to harness his energy infinitely and NEVER result in disorder. If you can't agree with this explanation, you're putting limits on God which is simply IDIOTIC.

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