Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik, Andrew Berwick and 2083 Manifesto

Anders Behring Breivik | 2083 A European Declaration of Independence | Manifesto | Kevin I. Slaughter
2083 A European Declaration of Independence Manifesto

UNVERIFIED! I AM NOT CLAIMING THIS AS AUTHENTIC, I found it via a sketchy link. It was a Docx file and I exported to PDF so it was more easily viewed by a larger number of people.

I sat down and tried to figure out possible problems:
1. written entirely in English
2. Authorship attributed to “Andrew Berwick” (is this an Anglicized version of his name?)
3. Photos of Breivik tacked on to the end of the document make no sense.
4. It is a compilation of existing writings easily found on the web.

As seen in the text, Breivik used the e-mail address and people are wondering what this cryptic refernce it to. It’s possible that it’s to this:


In the text he says:

I have worked full time for more than three years oriented toward practical solutions (key notes written in English). My position is to contribute to areas that are on the side of current main focus. Much of the information I am dealing it is unknown to most people, even to you.
If you send me an e-mail to I will send you an electronic version once I’m finished.

He does say “in English”, so that lines up.

The authorship is attributed to:

By Andrew Berwick, London – 2011

But this could be an Anglicized version of Anders Brevik?

Again, the video associated with this manifesto is found here:

It’s also possible that the author (Berwick) is trying to get some attention for his manifesto by riding on the back of this tragedy.

There are photos of Breivik tacked on to the end of the document in a nonsensical way, or, in a way that makes sense if this was a crass move to get a lot of free promotion. Or if someone who was against the author/author’s opinions to instantly associate him with this mass murder.



black Anders Behring Breivik | 2083 A European Declaration of Independence | Manifesto play video Anders Behring Breivik | 2083 A European Declaration of Independence | Manifesto

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  1. It's the real deal. And it's a real right-wing christian LSD trip.

  2. Norwegian officials confirm that this is written by the Norwegian terrorist that just killed 92 people.

  3. This has nothing to do with Christianity, that is for sure....

  4. It is a large and comprehensive statement against multi-culturalism and specifically the rise of Islam in Europe. He has taken upon himself to become a "martyr" of the movement(s) in this area, as evidenced by his writings in Norwegian on I encourage all to read and understand which forces are at work in our society and what the implications are -- regardless of your starting point.

  5. Thanx for this posting of the mad islamophobic shithead, Anders Behring Breiviks manifesto. I hope to read it very soon and maybe get the answer to why over 80 norwegian youth had to die?

    Only answer so far for me is that he's a really sick motherf***er!!!

    - d00rkey -

  6. This guy is sick and a coward.. Killing young people and terrorizing a peacful nation will just make this nation stronger and more democratc..
    May the victims souls rest in peace.

  7. The only affinity between "Anders Breivik" and "Andrew Berwick" is phonetic, the english name does not translate into the Norwegian name in any other way (I speak both languages). Of course, the name is a trick to mislead those attempting to get the document off the net, as you don´t want terrorists to be able to publish manifestos that can send all kinds of idiots out of the woodwork. The document is a true mixture of conspiratorical/fascist dogmas that we have seen before so many times, including "tactical" considerations that are taken directly from the net. This guy needs medication.

  8. Anders Behring Breivik is the one of the sickest persons I have ever heard of. The worst thing is that he's probably prowd to have killed at least 85 defenceless children/youths yesterday. His manifesto proves that he is sick beyond rescue. He's shame for the human race. May he rot inn Hell.


  10. Well, then he cann not be sentensed as normal person.

  11. At this time, I really wish we had a death penalty! This guy deserves the gold-ticket to hell!

  12. People have enough of left wing agenda, the labor party should listen to what people want..

  13. I highly doubt that breivik decerves us even reading this shit. Our natural curiosity gives payoff to his crime!
    This is exactly what he wants; free marketing of his twisted "ideology". As for 'martyrdom' that someone commented; for that to happen he'd actually have to kill HIMSELF, not massmurder other people like a coward.
    Lets not give his thoughts, or those that share his opinion, more cred than it decerves. Breivik is just a cowardly murderer that had far too high opinion of himself and his own mind. He's sick in the head, and he murdered people. All there is to it.
    And Urik: The labour party certainly arent the one that are fucked up in this case and that needs changing.. Are you saying that _people_ had enough based on Breivik??? Please.. for the future. If you use the term people that way, exclude me, i do not want to be that kind of 'people'.

  14. I'm Hungarian.
    This is a general problem in Europe that all the other clan will destroy our countries.
    We have a minority (gypsys) is no longer a minority, prey on us.
    Bad system. The helpless life. The leaders are corrupt. The rules only apply to the great outdoors a little of their kidnapping.

  15. BNF will like this.
    So wil Wilders,
    So will Le Pen,
    So will NPD
    So will the True Finns
    So will Dewinter
    So will the Lega Nord
    It's their creation...

  16. this is an emergency call. Now everyone will hear what hi say will, in all countries.
    I'm not looking for death. But there the situation is. If the revolution could be ...
    For our own country, that do not other nations reproduce(as in Paris)

  17. Well, yeah, since it's better *not* to read it and still pass judgments. I agree that the guy is a psycho - nothing in the world justifies killing other people, be they your political opponents or whoever else - but do try to differentiate between the act and the person.

    That he was Christian does not mean that Christians are now bad. That he was an Islamophobe - I too am very skeptical as to the growth of Islam in Europe. Does that make me go out on the street and shoot people? No, and it never will.

    I've read just up to page 15 for now, and still haven't found anything improper, but when you look at it from the 'hey, a killer wrote it, therefore it must be wrong in every respect' I suppose it's an evil, evil thing, all the way through, and we have to do the exact opposite of what he writes about.

    How about using reason instead, and condemning everything that he writes about killing people and the killing itself while still not automatically dismissing everything that he wrote?

  18. Waar de hersenspinsels en haatgedachten van ook o.a. PVV/Wilders aanhangers toe kan leiden ! Wakker worden
    Nederland en koester links en rechts en verfoei de
    "haatzaaiers" "i.c. het PVV-gedachtengoed.

  19. I do not believe in "izmus"-s.
    I read now the 2038.
    Something is wrong. I can not find work 3 months ago.
    24 years old blue-eyed blond-haired girl.
    I got kicked! Because I asked the EU delegation: "Why you dont say "Good morning!" or somethimg if you are coming in my store"

  20. Rossz a rendszer!
    Már nem értünk vannak, csak azt nézik hogy hogy tudnak kizsigerelni minket.
    Minden féle más nemzetek meg rajtunk élősködnek.

    Magyarországon jobb sorsa van a bevándorlóknak mint az ittenieknek.

    Ez lett a tudatos népbutítás eredménye.

  21. Nem lenne bajom az ara...kal, nége..kel és ferdeszemüekkel ha nem az én életemet vennék el.
    Ők szaporodnak, mert nekik megy a pénz. Elveszik a munkát az üzlethelységet és még támogatás is jár nekik.

    Kérdezz meg egy magyart a cigány problémárol!

  22. What this guy did is atrocious. But his manifesto is in some ways correct; Europe is definitely under influence of marxist oppression, and there is no more freedom. I know many muslim people, some of them I consider to be my friends. Yet I have heard many a time from them in what ways they desire to conquer us. Fuck Anders Breivik, he's an idiot for probably causing more harm to his idological cause with his actions. But don't be fooled people! Islam is here to conquer us, the left winged political parties are helping them in favor of electoral votes, and the governments are trying to oppress you. THe problem is you can't fight violence with violence. BUt we need to be vigilant, and we need to warn the masses; or otherwise face the fact that in a short time from now Europe will be redeemed as an islamic nation.

  23. Too late folks. You are already Islamised. Just save yourselves heart attacks and embrace it sooner than later. Andrew's energy is wasted. If NATO/US Bombs cant finish Muslims/Islam in Iraq,Libya, Afghanistan, etc, Thousands of Andrews cant do that. Take heart guys. Its a 1400 year old promise. Islam will enter each and every home in each and every nook and cranny of this temporal abode called Earth.

  24. James Robert Hieronymous Jean-le-baptiste StevensMonday, July 25, 2011 2:02:00 AM

    If You actually understood marxism you would know that it has never existed in reality. It's just that some on the right are so far right they look back at the center and think its stained red! 'Marxism' and 'Multiculturelism' are not the reasons for your 'degradation of society' or 'christian values'. You are looking for a causality which dosen't exist. You always look for the scapegoat 'out-there' when people hardly ever look at their own misgivings and ineptitude for the failings of the state. The only thing that will destroy the church is itself, under the weight of its own denial. The degradation of society is occuring because we are all (i include myself) reared on crap. Nurtured by lies and delusions which blanket the landscape for the rest of your life. Thats the reason some of you have these ridiculous views about immigration. Anders has just perverted the quite common ideas amongst the far right (especially the american islamaphobe angle created by the war-on-terror) and is using it to justify the killing of left leaning innocents. (Just put your selves on that island assholes, in just flimsy clothes, weaponless). If we can have free trade of (mostly) shit products (which actually destroy our minds) over borders, we can always use immigration and at times require it. It always helps your GDP numbknuts. And I don't like thinking like an economist.

  25. this needs to be removed from the internet this is disgusting

  26. Read book one of Anders Behring Breivik’s 2083 Manifesto yesterday – the attention seeking prolix of a lunatic mind. Strikingly reminiscent of the old South African Nationalist Party ideology... It’s the enemy from within which always seems so surprising to so many and such is the rich texture of hypocrisy.
    Remain vigilant and on guard – hypocrisy is everywhere...

    It’s not a question of how Western Europeans combat “Political Correctness” and retake their society from the “Cultural Marxists”. It should be about the reality of a very sad and tragic event!

  27. If you are not with us, then you are against us.

  28. Anonymous..., a pseudo philosophical platitudinous statement like the one above comes across as threatening – why not succinctly put your point across in a manner that will win mass public opinion and/or bring about the change in the designs of human society to meet your objectives end. There is no need to resort to brutal violence and bloodshed to make a statement – violence is a primitive and medieval response stooped in fear.

    Lets get something straight before we start.
    The taking of life is wrong, no if's, and's, but's or y's. It is wrong period! To take innocent lives and the lives of those so young is even worse.
    All that said, the actions of this man were the direct result of his desperation to be heard, to alert the Western World to the dangers of forced mass immigration, multiculturalism and the threat from militant Islam.
    His Government, just like many other Governments all over Europe, Scandinavia and the Western World in general, have point blank refused to acknowledge the invasion on all of our shores. In fact they choose to promote it. They have chosen NOT to acknowledge the concerns of each and every effected native of the invaded countries. They have chosen to ignore the discimination, abuse, rapes, erosion of the culture, heritage and way of life, experienced by the indigenous people of Europe and the Western World and their civilization, in favour of the INVADERS.
    While these Governments in question continue to FORCE unwanted multiculturalism and extreme Islam on its citizens, to refuse to acknowledge the hardships put upon their very own people, could result in this being seen as just the beginning and only a matter of time before this type of atrocity happens again.
    So as the whole world is pointing the finger at Mr Berwik (nutjob, psycho, etc etc.) it might answer them better if they were to take a closer look at the bigger picture and the chain of events which brought about this tragedy.
    Therefore, it is the Western Governments and their fascist ideology, hidden behind a mask of normality, conditioning and brainwashing who are ultimately responsible for this act of madness and not the lone individual who actually carried out the killings.

  30. Why I cannot read the document? I open it and I can't scroll down the screen...

  31. if you can't read the document, I can give u a copy. I have downloaded it.

  32. It all started with the Normand Crusaders when the Christians were led by criminal Popes; we're coming back to such time bec the present Pope has got same interests and goals as the New World Order.

  33. I also think we should have death penalty for murder.
    I think that the problem is that most of European liberal governments are composed of people who do not believe that human nature is evil, and that all cultures are not equal.

  34. See Breivik beheaded by guillotin (simulation)
    (cut & paste if necessary).