Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Is Anna Ardin a lesbian? If so, why get involved with WikiLeaks founder?

WikiLeaks Under Attack


There's nothing wrong with the gay lifestyle.  And whatever your orientation, you deserve privacy--unless you accuse a public figure of rape on flimsy grounds, and then leak it to the press.

I've seen some evidence in photos that Anna is a lesbian.  How does this bear on the Assange rape accusation?
I'm evaluating the hypothesis that Anna is an undercover operative who lured Assange into a trap.  This is very difficult to prove.  But one of the ways to evaluate, is to look for things in Anna's background that don't make sense.  In other words, blow her cover.
 If Anna is gay, and she sleeps with Assange, that's a contradiction.  (OK, I've heard of bisexual--but we have to gather info, bit by bit.)
"Anna and Petra," Jan. 1, 2005.  From Anna's flickr site.

"Anna and Petra"
Nov. 10, 2007.
From Anna's slide show.
Anna is on the right.

So, I'm inviting the blogosphere to look for the evidence.  Be a WikiSleuth!  There must be a lot of people who know about Anna and her behavior.  Speak up!  If the flimsy rape charges against Assange are allowed to stand, it's going to set back justice for REAL rape victims by decades.

Photo evidence
  • Anna is visible in many photographs, in close physical contact with other women.  These could just be close friends--but the preponderance of photos of Anna with just women is overwhelming.  I found only three photos where she was even touching a man.
  • Anna was photographed at a gay club with her apparent partner, Petra.  Klubb Feber advertises itself as Gottland's First Queer Club.
  • Anna is shown in several photos with Petra--and he photos are taken in the same style that a photographer uses when photographing partners (see above).



  1. thanks for the flicker link!

    Anna Ardin is a state asset; swedish intelligence operative (currently in the west bank). Cuba, Brazil.
    have a link.

  2. oh and yes she is a lesbian radical feminist.
    this refers to her organizing the 'Queer Klubb Feber' in Gotland Island, Sweden and her long time association with the lesbian Petra at least 2005-2007.

  3. Can there be any doubt? You don't go to a club called "Queer Klubb Feber" unless you are oriented that way.

    How come this information has been blacked out in the media? I sensed that there was something unusual about this woman. It makes no sense for a lesbian woman to have sex with a straight man and then try to get revenue by going to the police. How suspicious can you get?


    Anna Ardins Twitter account and blog adres (date Feb 26th of 2011)
    Above you will find the Twitter Adres and Blog of one of our famous "rape" victims that according to the Swedish courts needs to have her identity protected while she herself does not find it any problem to cheerfully hang around on the internet and reveal herself via Twitter and her Blog...