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Full-looking face with a round chin and
hairline. Widest point is at the cheeks and ears.

hair styles with fullness
and height at the crown. Off center parts. Short hair styles with a swept-back
direction or hair styles that are longer than chin length. By layering the top to
achieve fullness and keeping the rest of the cut relatively close to the face,
your face shape will appear longer and narrower.


Chin length hair with a
rounded line that mirrors face’s circular shape. Center parts. Short-short
crops, straight "chopped" bangs. Fullness at side of ears. A rounded haircut
ending at the chin will certainly add weight to your face shape. Because the
widest part of your face is at the cheeks and ears, you need to avoid having the
fullness of the cut here as it will make your face appear wider.

There really is no one "perfect" hairstyle for a round-shaped face, as many things factor into the total equation. For example, the length of your hair, its texture and weight, your age and lifestyle requirements all play a part in what is ultimately the best.

There are good general guidelines that you can follow, but the best solution is to find a style that works best for you and all your beauty needs.

If your face is round, the best hairstyles generally include:

1. Layered bangs rather than straight or heavy bangs.

2. Short styles which give height.

3. Styles that add length.

4. Styles that keep the sides of your hair short or close to the face.

5. Curls around the crown -- but never near the cheeks -- to create height. Keep the sides of your hair short with a curly style.

6. Longer to very long styles, with bangs and a graduated shag or layers so that the face and the neck are given a slenderizing shape.


bulletIf you have a double chin, keep the hair around your face above chin level to draw the eyes upwards. The back may be grown a little longer -- a bob would be ideal.

bulletIf you have a short neck, a short cropped style will make a shorter neck appear longer. Long hair worn up will give the same effect. Well-placed highlights will also slenderize the face. Highlights that are woven around the face in an "angel halo" effect will also help an overly round face appear thinner.

bulletLong hair can be worn just as easily as short- or medium-length hair as long as you wear your hair "forward" onto your face to create a more "oval" appearance. Don't be afraid to wear your hair any length that you like!

bulletWhile you select your style, be sure to take into consideration the texture of your hair. If your hair is thick and coarse, you would do well with a style that benefits from the "bed head" look around the crown.

bulletIf you have curly hair, you can use the curls by letting them add height at the crown. You can also wear your curly hair longer, with the bulk of your hair pulled back behind your ears, or with just a very few ringlets along your face to minimize the fullness.

Ghost Whisperer star Camryn Manheim (shown at right) is a classic example of someone letting her hair be the way she wants it to be and not following the strict rules for a round face.

Another celebrity who throws the rules to the wind is Baby Spice of the recently-reborn Spice Girls. Her very round face is often coiffed in styles that would not normally be considered the "perfect" style for her face shape -- but they still work!

One great way to find the best style for your face shape is to buy fashion, beauty and hair magazines and look through them for examples of hairstyles that you like and think would be flattering to your face shape and hair texture. Make a special hairstyle scrapbook of the styles you like best and then take the entire book to your stylist and ask them to advise you on some styles.

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